Quick turn PCB Fabrication

Accelerate Your Research with CyberPCB's Rapid Prototyping & Small-Volume Production

Having accumulated 8 years of experience in the PCB industry, CyberPCB takes pride in being one of the leading suppliers of PCB prototyping and low-volume production worldwide. We understand the importance of time in your work, which is why our turnaround time can be as short as 24 hours after our engineers review and approve your Gerber files. This rapid turnaround can greatly save you valuable time.

If your work timeframe is not as tight, you have the option to choose other time schedules that align with your budget. We also offer 48-hour and 72-hour shipping options for your convenience.

Rest assured that our quick delivery does not come at the expense of quality. We adhere to stringent test procedures to ensure that you will be satisfied with the quality of our PCBs for your high-tech projects. In addition to our commitment to quality, we strive to provide competitive prices. We understand that for your research and design, you may require a significant quantity of PCBs. If you come across any other fabricators offering lower prices, please kindly inform us, and we will beat their prices.

To give you an idea of our competitive pricing, we invite you to try our online instant quote system. This will demonstrate just how competitive our PCBs are. Don't hesitate—start now!

Below, you will find the latest lead time schedule for our standard PCB orders:

 Below is the latest lead time schedule for the Standard PCB orders.

PCB Order Quantity Original Lead Time Current Lead Time
0- 50 pcs & < 1m2 2 - 3 Days 24 Hours
1m2 - 5m2 5 - 6 Days 3 - 4 Days
5m2 - 10m2 6 - 7 Days 4 - 5 Days
More than 10m2 8 - 10 Days 5 - 6 Days
At CyberPCB, we prioritize both speedy delivery and exceptional quality. Our PCBs are manufactured using advanced chemical processes for pad and via metallization. We refrain from using conductive adhesive technology to ensure cost savings. Furthermore, each order undergoes a rigorous 70-minute copper plating, as well as AOI and probe testing. Additionally, we leverage internationally recognized base materials to enhance the overall performance of our PCBs.
We understand the importance of not only reducing lead time but also providing cost-effective solutions. In addition to offering reduced prices for small batch PCB orders, we have also worked to minimize freight costs for DHL parcels weighing below 1 KG. Our goal is to ensure that you receive high-quality PCBs at affordable prices, while also saving on shipping expenses.


 Below is the latest lead time schedule for the Premium PCB orders.

Layers PCB Order Quantity Build Time Extra Urgent
2 Layers <1 m2 5 Days 48 Hours
1-5 m2 7 Days
>5 m2 8 Days
4 Layers <1 m2 5 Days 48 Hours
1-5 m2 7 Days
>5 m2 12 Days
6 Layers / 8 Layers <1 m2 7 Days 72 Hours
1-5 m2 9 Days
>5 m2 12 Days
10 Layers <1 m2 10 Days 96 Hours
1-5 m2 10 Days
>5 m2 15 Days
10 or more Layers <1 m2 10 Days 96 Hours
1-5 m2 10 Days
>5 m2 15 Days
Premium PCBs are extensively utilized in high-precision electronic devices. As technology continues to advance, the demand for these PCBs is increasing steadily. In response to this growing demand, we have established a dedicated advanced PCB production workshop. This facility is specifically designed to assist our customers in achieving optimal time-to-market and gaining a competitive advantage. We accomplish this by producing PCBs sustainably and at the lowest possible total cost through our exceptional fabrication capabilities, punctual delivery, and unwavering commitment to product quality.
Proven Technology
Our team specializes in high-density HDI and multi-layer PCBs, offering expertise in embedding small size core, thick GEM, and meeting special requirements from industries like telecommunications, medical, automotive, and more.
Qualified Materials
Sourcing high quality materials from Rogers, Shengyi, Wazam, Dupont, Rohmhass, Atotech and other excellent suppliers to choose the best ones.
Independent Production Line
At CyberPCB, quality pays for itself. Choose us for advanced PCBs that deliver long-term value.