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How to Download a Proforma Invoice Before and After Payment?

To download a Proforma invoice:

Before payment:

  1. Enter the payment page of the order group:
  • In My Orders - Shopping Cart, select the order group and click "Proceed to checkout"
  • In My Orders - All Orders, click the "Pay Now" button
  • You can also access the payment page when placing an order
  1. Click "Proforma Invoice" in the payment page.
  2. Click "Print" in the upper left corner, then the proforma invoice will download automatically or print.

Please note that this is a reference invoice, not an official one

After payment:

  1. Go to My Orders - In Production and locate the paid order.
  2. Click "Proforma Invoice" -  this is the official invoice PDF file.
  3. Download the official invoice by clicking the icon button in the upper right corner. This serves as the proforma invoice after payment.